Journey on an Amtrak Train

My name is Daniel. I was an English teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and am now  a writer who has
published three books including South Korea: Our story by Daniel Nardini.
                           One thing that I have always found exciting to do is travel by train. When I was in
South Korea, I traveled on the KOEX through the countryside. I still get a thrill riding on that high speed train.
In the United States, we have what is called the Amtrak. Meant as an extensive passenger train service,
Amtrak in so many ways is like what travel was 60 to 100 years ago….except more modern. My wife (who
is Korean) and I went on a cross-country trip on Amtrak from the U.S. Midwest to Florida, it was a fun
way to travel. We had our own private sleeping and sitting room, we could eat really fresh cooked food
three times a day on the train (the train has its own kitchen and cooks serving breakfast, lunch and dinner),
and we enjoyed watching the scenery as it passed by. Because the United States is such a large
country, the change in scenery was incredible. We went from prairie to green mountains to coal mining
towns to tropical trees and beautiful crystal blue waters when we reached Florida. Even with high speed
trains, it can still take a day or two to cross from one-half of the United States to the other side. Just as
equally interesting is that a traveler can cross from one part of the country in the dead of winter (with
snow and ice and extremely cold temperatures) to a tropical paradise where there are palm trees and
beautiful white sand and the temperature is 27 Celsius. I mention all this because because many Koreans
as well as many Americans do not travel by train to really see this country and experience the sheer size
and amazing places that can only be seen from a train. The overwhelming majority of Americans (and
foreign tourists) come and leave the United States by airplane. True, airplanes are obviously the fastest
transportation to go to and from any major city in the United States, but many still so much about what
America has to offer. This is why for all those Korean tourists or residents of this country who wish to
really explore the United States, I highly recommend riding Amtrak.